Guangzhou Yuexin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd

        Guangzhou Yuexin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd., established in December 2017, is located in Zhongxin Guangzhou Knowledge City, Guangzhou Development Zone. Yuexin semiconductor is the first 12 inch chip manufacturing company in China with virtual IDM as its operation strategy. It has the first 12 inch chip production line in Guangzhou and is the only 12 inch chip production platform in Guangdong Province and Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area.
        The first phase of Yuexin semiconductor project has an investment of 13.5 billion yuan, covering a total area of 140000 square meters. It will produce 40000 pieces of 12 inch wafers per month. The products include microprocessors, power management chips, analog chips, power discrete devices, etc., to meet the demand of analog chips for innovative applications such as Internet of things, automotive electronics, artificial intelligence and 5g.