Anti UV Ceilling LED Panel Light—–RED Cut-on wavelength 600nm for Laboratory

Anti UV Ceilling LED Panel Light-----RED Cut-on wavelength 600nm for Laboratory

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General Details

Jiangsu Chuang xu Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Photosensitive medical and photosensitive material produce area.

Product features:
It Cut-on wavelength 600 nm, has the features of top-suction ultra-thin design, seamless oblique joint, simple installation, oblique edge design, proof dust, use imported specific wavelength chips, stable and non-drift wavelength.


Power Luminous flux Color Wavelength Size working temperature
CX-LED18W-JH-R 18W 630lm Red 600nm 600*300*12mm -20~40ºC
CX-LED36W-JH-R 36W 1260lm Red 600nm 1200*300*12mm -20~40ºC
CX-LED42W-JH-R 42W 1480lm Red 600nm 1200*300*12mm -20~40ºC
CX-LED48W-JH-R 48W 1700lm Red 600nm 1200*300*12mm -20~40ºC



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